Mediente specialises in creating entertaining and socially relevant cinema
in multiple languages for audiences around the globe.

Founded in 2002 in Mumbai, India, Mediente
operates in the USA, UK, Malta and Dubai.

Championing new talent and high concept ideas is key to our production strategy. Our filmography includes indie gems like Yellow (Nick Cassavetes), Aakashagopuram (K P Kumaran), Bollywood cult classics like Bombay Boys and genre films like Storage 24. Mediente’s latest film is Battle for Banaras, a critically acclaimed feature documentary on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2014 elections. We have a strong focus on nurturing emerging talent to bring powerful and distinctive stories to the screen.

Mediente is currently developing two mega slates -
Hellbrooke Manor and Animyths. 

Hellbrooke features some of the most exciting voices from around the world - award winning directors from Chile, Bulgaria, USA and the UK working together to author a slate of six horror films. Animyths is our maiden foray into the magical world of Animation.

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