Romantic Comedy   |   2005

'Arranged Marriage' is a tongue in cheek look at the age old tradition of arranged marriages in India. A made for television movie, it tells the story of Sanjay (Naasir Kazi) an introvert who believes in the principle of arranged marriage, and Aditi (Meghaa Mukharjee) a girl with new ideas and thought who abhors the whole idea of arranged marriage. She believes in falling in love before getting married. However circumstances force Sanjay and Aditi to get married. 'Arranged Marriage' is a sweet and sour story of their romance post their marriage.

Shiv Subrahmanyam (Writer & Director)   |   Naasir Kazi   |   Meghaa Mukharjee   |   Tarun Shukla   |   Kennyth   |   Desia   |   Kirti Chavan